The dumb one is my life, the second home of the dumb dogs is Lucky Mishra’s house

New Delhi (India), October 25: In today’s times, kindness to life has been necessary in every era and time. The sages and sages of India fought wars and sacrificed their lives for kindness life and protection. At the age of just ten years, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj fought for mother cow. Even in his childhood, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had defeated the enemies of Mother Cow. Kindness to life and mother cow have been important in Hindu religion not just today but for thousands of years.

In today’s very modern world, where animals are being killed and eaten indiscriminately, it is not only a matter of concern but also very unfortunate. In the Nagaland state of India, there was a ban by the court on killing and eating dogs, but that ban was removed a few days ago. It may be noted that in 2020, the Nagaland government had banned the sale of dog meat.

If you want to know what street dogs mean in our lives, then meet those who save a street dog and feed them. Gives new life. Street dogs, known in the scientific literature as independent urban dogs that do not have any owners. It is said that dogs are considered to be a highly adaptable and intelligent species. This is also true, these creatures that wander on the streets and alleys are also very loyal. 

Lucky Mishra’s love for the voiceless

Well, while people are killing dumb dogs and animals, some people are also trying to protect and save them. Lucky Mishra, living in Mumbai, is one such animal loving woman who has risked everything and emerged as a messiah for these stray animals and dogs. For the last 25 years, she has been working to provide homes to stray dogs and take care of them.

She says – “Why do we have to bear the brunt of abuse when we are doing the actual work of helping the voiceless? While PM Modi keeps advising to adopt stray dogs in “Mann Ki Baat”, our CM Yogiji, who is a dog lover himself, keeps encouraging us to take care of animals, it is strange that people have adopted dogs. Has started making WhatsApp haters.

Lucky Mishra says – It is illegal to drive away dogs from their territorial area. As per AWBI guidelines no organization can do this on its own or through any person employed by it such as a security guard. Furthermore, the Government of India has started the ABC program for sterilization of stray dogs so that their numbers do not increase. It should be noted that dogs do not harm others unless provoked or when they know their lives are in danger. Dogs become protectors of the territorial space where they were born and raised. Dogs are man’s best friend and always will be. 


Lucky Mishra is a 30 year old social woman with a very sensitive heart filled with humanity. 25 years ago, an incident happened with him due to which today he has converted his small house into a home for dogs. Lucky Mishra is completely vegetarian. Ever since the feeling of compassion for animals has come into her mind, she has become a vegetarian.

She says that the inspiration to serve these children is God’s gift. It was the day of Diwali when a female dog gave birth to her babies. Due to loud firecrackers on the day of Diwali, the mother dog ran away out of fear after giving birth. Went. At that time, I was very unaware about these dogs, due to the mother dog running away, the condition of those born babies was getting very bad, their eyes were not even open, they were screaming and suffering from hunger. There was no one to see, I felt very sad, I started crying a lot, and I don’t know from where the thought of saving those innocent children came within me, that was the day when I got the inspiration to work for these voiceless people. I ran and brought the nipple, I didn’t know anything, I put cerelac in the bottle and fed those innocent children like a mother feeds her child, I did the same and saved those children. Some of them were 9 children.

Mom & Dad (GOD OF UNIVERSE) Mom & Dad – GOD OF UNIVERSE When asked, 

Lucky Mishra said, “Mom & Dad (GOD OF UNIVERSE) Mom & Dad – God of Universe” This is a big step for me in the future to serve the voiceless, my father, mother. Yes, he is God for me. 

The house has been converted into a shelter home.

Lucky Mishra’s house has become a home for street dogs, Lucky told that today there are 15 cats, 30 dogs outside, and the same number of adopted dogs. In which my husband and my sister support me. I have got all the dogs vaccinated. We take care of everyone as per medical parameters. Lucky Mishra also handles breed dogs. We rescue those who leave their pet dogs and bring them back to their homes. Till now I have rescued more than 100 dogs. And all the dogs have been sterilized.

Lucky Mishra said that we ourselves bear all the expenses of these dumb animals. In the beginning, there was a lot of trouble and we even asked for donations from the people, but after seeing the indifference of the people, we decided that we ourselves would serve these voiceless people in some way or the other. I consider service to the voiceless as service to God. Lucky Mishra further says with a heavy heart that – “Jainism is firm on the principle of non-violence as supreme religion. Our religion is a religion full of inspirations of compassion, charity and compassion. Lord Shantinath in the shining pages of our history, There is mention of the love, kindness and compassion of Lord Arishtaneminath and Karuna Sindhu, Lord Parshvanath and many devotees on whom our faith and devotion rest. Jeev Daya’s important scheme has been made its important service project. Which has become a message of hope for many silent creatures today. I am going to follow our Indian traditions and culture.

Considering the words of the sages as the main mantra of my life, I am serving the voiceless and will continue to do so throughout my life. I am thankful to my father, husband and all the people of my family who support me, and Never lets you lose. Service to the voiceless is my life.

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